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YFM-104MYCA Auto Metal Preformed Top Stop Machine by Computer Control

Author: Date:2017-11-28 From: Hits:436


Product introduction:
The function of this machine is making the preformed top stop to be fixed automatically on the top of  the metal open or close end zipper which has been slider mouted.

Machine advantages:

1.This machine'sgapping space is only 5mm,it will not waste any long chain zipper for is no need to make gapping space approximately40~42mm as traditional working style and mount the slider.This machine can mout the slider and cut the zipper directly and save the long chain zipper.
2.This machine can adapt to different styles of fancy pullers (Puller'swidth is not exceed1.5cm,the length is not exceed 5cm).
3.By adopting human-machine interface control,this machine can be operated easily.if the machine stops suddenly during operation,the breakdown reasons will be shown on the screen which is very useful for the operator to deal with the problems.Moreover,the operator can find out the information such as what the problem was,and when the problem happened.
4.This machine is an effective solution to baggage and garment factories which require which have huge labor requirement for slider mounting and cutting issue,it cansave labor and production cost and improve production efficiency.

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