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YFM-100MCA Auto Metal Gapping Machine By Computer Control
Product Name:YFM-100MCA Auto Metal Gapping Machine By Computer Control
Product Detail:
Name : YFM-100MCA Auto metal gapping machine by computer control
Average Output :1500PCS/50CM/H
power :2.1KW
Voltage : 220/380V
Frequency :50/60HZ
Motor :3 PHASE
Description :The introduction of this machines:
The function of this machine is to gap and strip the metal long chain zipper to be required short zipper.

The advantages of this machine:
1.By adopting setting length by computer control (the shortest set length is only 2CM), and the length tolerance can be totally controlled into ±1 teeth.
2.This machine has the function of double polarizing, which can highly effective direct its course and its polarizing rate is more than 98% .
3.This machine can make different zippers in accordance with required mold specification.
4.This machine adopts the method of mold pressing teeth, and the cutter has longer life and reduction of cutter damage and low noise.

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